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GEN Support provides has been providing services to all sectors of business since 1992. Some of the services offered are...

On-site Support:  Providing Engineers and Technicians on-site to install, configure and resolve issues at the clients direction.

Emergency Support: Provides a 24/7 callout service for business critical or mission critical applications.

Remote Support: Allows our specialists to remotely install, configure and resolve issues far quicker than would be possible with a site visit. Remote support also allows us to remotely monitor servers, systems and infrastructure to ensure its persistent operation.

Data Recovery: All formats of data are recovered and regenerated. Whether you've just deleted an important file, or dropped your laptop in a lake, in many cases we can recovery some or all of the data.

Disaster Recovery: Should the worst happen and your business is threatened by fire, flood or criminal activities then our business continuity services will ensure that its business as usual in the quickest possible timeframe.

Forensic Analysis: Although almost exclusively the realm of criminal investigations, Forensic Analysis is available to anyone who requires it. We can analyse, recovery, decrypt, decode and reconstruct information from digital systems and media such as CD/DVD's, Hard Disks, Backup Tapes, and live systems. Forensic Analysis provides a comprehensive forensic report of the information we recover, but also a detailed analysis of its significance and relationship to other information and data.

Data and Network Security: Protecting your information has never been harder, with the advent of WiFi, laptops and PDA's your sensitive business information is out in the wild every single day... Protecting the corporate network from intrusion is the easy part, protecting the data is much harder. We provide a full range of consultancy, systems and operational support services to ensure your data is secure at all times. We provide counter-espionage systems and processes which will help to protect your information from its number one threat... people.

Mobile Wireless Internet: Providing WiFi coverage to virtually anywhere via the use of our special WiFi Vans. With Speeds of up to 128k on the 802.11a/b/g bands you can remotely connect to systems and services from any site location.

Above are just some services provided by GENSupport, please drop by our website for comprehensive information and contact details.


GEN Has an Enterprise Class Portfolio of Professional Internet and Communications Services. Our policy is that of single-source, and to this end we aim to provide a full spread of IT Services including...

Business ISP: Our ISP Services are Business Class, meaning high availability, feature rich and backed up with professional IT Support Services. Whether your looking for basic website hosting on NT or Unix, or perhaps your looking for something more specific, for example hosting, or FrontPage/Teampoint Hosting? We provide it all.

Business Class Broadband: Our Broadband is not contended 50:1 like everyone else's, we contend our broadband 20:1 as standard with options for 10:1 and 1:1 for those who need it. We provide ADSL, ADSL2 and ADSL2+ at speeds of up to 22Mbps.

Business Class Private Circuit: We provide ATM/X21 or SDSL Private Wire Services to business that need the bandwidth and low latency. We can aggregate SDSL up to 64Mbps Downstream and our X21 Services range from 128K to 155Mbps.

eCommerce and eTrade: Through our GENActive Division we have a high performance payment gateway service and ecommerce/etrate integration platform available.

IT Consultancy: Technical and Business Consultancy Services for SME's and Enterprise Customers Alike.

Contract Review: Thinking of buying a new system and already have a quotation? then allow us to scrutinise that proposal both in terms of business practise and technical appraisal. We will ensure that you get the best deal for your money and help save you from any cost of ownership issues down the line.

GEN has three offices in the United Kingdom, and offices overseas. Please browse to our website for full information.