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smit -> What trans filter? (3/7/2014 15:33:49)

I'm just trying to order a trans filter for a 1994 AWD and it lists shallow and deep pan, no real listing for AWD, any advice on what to order please? I'm guessing they all fit :-S

smit -> RE: What trans filter? (4/7/2014 12:18:17)

Can anyone help with this please? I have a £500'ish order awaiting this info to press order [&:] I've looked through my workshop manual and can't find any reference to this.

richyrich -> RE: What trans filter? (4/7/2014 13:00:36)

I had the same wonderings when I ordered mine. As far as I could tell every van has the shallow pan unless a deep on has been added as an after market extra. The only real way to tell is to have a look under your van. If you can find some pictures online to compare the two it should be obvious. I'm sure it will be a shallow pan though.

orange -> RE: What trans filter? (4/7/2014 13:59:14)

Exactly as stated in the previous message, the standard pan is what they call shallow but some people replace it with a deeper pan which holds more fluid. I believe the idea is more fluid will run cooler, do a net search on 4l60or 4l60e ( the transmission type) and deep pan, hopefully it will bring up some photos and dimensions I think the deep pan is an inch or two lower.

smit -> RE: What trans filter? (4/7/2014 17:11:47)

Thanks chaps I was totally lost on this one.

smit -> RE: What trans filter? (4/7/2014 17:12:25)

And no sump plug?


richyrich -> RE: What trans filter? (5/7/2014 23:49:25)

No, that would make it all to easy [;)]
I bought a vacuum pump from my local tool shop for about £24. I took out four litres of oil the pan. No spillage at all.

smit -> RE: What trans filter? (6/7/2014 16:48:18)

Good idea, I've just done a trans oil and filter change on my London taxi and it was well messy even with a sump plug :-S

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